Holiday Show!


Our favorite way to celebrate is with love, magic, music and laughter. Rock N Roll Fairy and Olive & Dingo collaborate for a sparklly, splendorous, musical to-do that the kids will love. Tickets are sold at the door: $7 per child under age 13. Adults are FREE. 10% of show funds go to a local charity. ♥ Happy Holidays Yo!

Guests and kids are encouraged to wear fairy, clown and elf attire. #clownfairyfun

clown-fairy-ffflyerEVENT DATES/TIMES: click on links to get to Facebook Events. 

December 17th, 4:30pm at Know Thy Food Cooperative

December 18th, 11:30am at Hammer and Jacks (Toystore)

December 20th, 3:30pm at Hammer and Jacks (Toystore)

December 21st, 3:30pm at Seahorses PDX