The People's Clowns


 here.  :o)

Called our: Virtual Jar of Sustainability. 
We can fill the community with cheer by your support!! Thank you!


Our Donation Bucket (magical jar of joy) can be used for many things. Would YOU like us to use your moneees in a particular way? Please tell us in the memo! 

Such as: “pay it forward,” “a random act of kindness,” or for our personal Fund For Excellence funding: rent, balloons, costumes, materials, and well being.

Thank you SO MUCH!!

Lots of love, Olive and Dingo

(And this here, below, is a surprise donation bucket for Dingo… His Birthday is on August 15th and I (Olive), have covertly put it here… hopefully he doesn’t notice! Put some love in there if you wish. Or wish him a happy Birthday when you see him!)