Who knows how fun a story can be?

Who can get a herd of toddlers to their feet jumping and dancing with glee?

Who makes flying down the street on giant bike the most fascinating part of your day?


Olive and Dingo are bright and cheery, cartoony characters. They call themselves: Clowns. And will ideally improve any past assumptions you may have of “clowns.”

With Olive at the microphone and Dingo on guitar they excite young and old with music, stories in song & color, comedy and love for their fans. Every show is about a 45 minute tiny rock concert for kids! (A great opportunity to teach kids how to be audience members while supporting non-televised entertainment.) Be sure to catch one if you can!

You may find them in a public place entertaining, at a private party/function or in transit on their wondrous tall bicycles. Please wave/smile and say “Hello!” as they are quite friendly.
See their facebook page for weekly updates of their adventures and special occasions.

Entertainment in: stories, songs (hand motions, voice, guitar, banjo, kazoo, kaossilator), comedy, balloon twisting, skits, jumping/dancing/movement, face/body painting, bubbles etc. sometimes science can happen right before your eyes!

Many years in Portland O & D have been loving each other, loving their city and holding close the people who emit loving positive light! Together they aim to inspire kids and families to care about each other & their/our impact on the planet.
Step #1 drive less. Ride your bike more. + the more you do it the more you love it.
#2 create something of your own.
# 3 make someone smile. (just a few)

O & D make smiles happen one day at a time. Everyday is new- so much potential!

It’s time to be silly, improvise, dance, perform socialize our kiddos! -And be not only the best audience but the best Portland citizens we can be!

It’s a great town to be a clown!

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